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In addition to the research in the metadata of the manuscripts of OMAR (source file: "autkat", see below no. 3) in only one of the indexes (name, title, place, keyword), the databank allows also for the simultaneous research in more than one indexes (see below no. 4). The same research is possible in the source file „mlg“ (see below no. 5), but not in the simultaneous mode.

Hits in the source file "autkat" refer to the microfilm numbers of the manuscripts stored at Freiburg.

Hits in the source file "mlg" refer to the numbers of the authors who are chronologically enumerated in MLG and to their works.

Here are a few screenshots of the search mask:

(1) The search mask of the databank.

(2) Show marked record. Here: no. 8, al-Qāḍī Abū l-Walīd Muḥammad b. Rušd.

(3) Search by "name" in source file "autkat". Here: "ahmad". There are too many matches. You are requested to refine your search.

(4) Search by "name" and "keyword" in source file "autkat". Here: "ahmad" and "sira". 28 matches found.

(4a) Klick on "here" in order to view the digitised manuscript.

(4b) "Anfang MS 132" corresponds to the front page of manuscript number 'MFMAU 0132 01' indicated on the margin.

(5) Source file "mlg". Selecting the button "mlg" allows you to search separately in all four major indexes (place, author, keywords, title) of the MLG. The hits refer to the numbers of the authors and their works as enumerated in the MLG. The superior numbers refer to the numbers of the titles listed under the author's entry.

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